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Senuschenkov, S.P. (2007). About concept of "internal activity" in theory of A.N. Leontiev

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2007. Volume 2. Issue 4
School of A.N. Leontiev: Problems of General Psychology
Scientific article
About concept of "internal activity" in theory of A.N. Leontiev
Senuschenkov, Stanislav Petrovich
In the article in the context of the criticisms of S.L. Rubinstein and A.V. Brushlinskiy the concept of "internal activity" in the theory of activity of A.N. Leontiev is analyzed. The author considers the emergence of the concept of "internal activity" in the works of the Kharkov group of psychologists in the 1930s as part of the opposition between mental "image" and "process". In the context of the conception of internalization of activity the place of the concept of "internal activity" in the concepts of phylogeny of the psyche of animals and the development of human consciousness in anthropogeny created by A.N. Leontiev in the 1940s is examined, as well as the problem of development of internal activity in ontogeny.
  • activity theory of A.N. Leontiev
  • internal activity
  • interiorization
  • "image"
  • "process"
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Senuschenkov, S.P. (2007). About concept of "internal activity" in theory of A.N. Leontiev. Methodology and History of Psychology, 2(4), 179-192.

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