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Bogdanchikov, S.A. (2007). From L.S. Vygotsky to G.I. Chelpanov and back

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2007. Volume 2. Issue 2
History of Russian Psychology
Scientific article
From L.S. Vygotsky to G.I. Chelpanov and back
Bogdanchikov, Sergey Aleksandrovich
The article is an attempt of historical-scientific reconstruction of part-time discussion between L.S. Vygotsky and G.I. Chelpanov on key problems of psychology: on the crisis in psychology, meaning of philosophy in general and Marxist philosophy in particular for psychology, the future prospects of development of psychological science. Based on a thorough analysis of L.S. Vygotsky's "The historical meaning of the crisis in psychology," and works of G.I. Chelpanov of the 1920s, the main reasons for divergence of scientific views between L.S. Vygotsky and G.I. Chelpanov are opened and the closeness and coincidence of their views on certain matters of principle are indicated.
  • history of Soviet psychology
  • empirical psychology
  • scientific discussion
  • crisis
  • Marxism (in psychology)
  • general psychology
  • methodology of psychology
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Bogdanchikov, S.A. (2007). From L.S. Vygotsky to G.I. Chelpanov and back. Methodology and History of Psychology, 2(2), 68-78.

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