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Scientific journal
Methodology and History of Psychology
(Методология и история психологии / Metodologiâ i istoriâ psihologii)

The journal is published since 2006.

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

Editorial Team

V. F. Petrenko (Editor-in-Chief, Moscow, Russia),
Yu. I. Alexandrov (Moscow, Russia),
V. M. Allakhverdov (St. Petersburg, Russia),
I. N. Karitsky (Deputy Editor, Moscow, Russia),
A. A. Kostrigin (Moscow, Russia),
D. A. Leontiev (Moscow, Russia),
V. A. Mazilov (Yaroslavl, Russia),
S. P. Senuschenkov (Moscow, Russia),
A. V. Yurevich (Deputy Editor, Moscow, Russia).

International Advisory Board

Ch. I. Abramson (Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA),
H. Lück (Hagen, Germany),
K. Shigemasu (Tokyo, Japan),
R. Smith (Lancaster, UK),
J. Valsiner (Aalborg, Denmark),
V. A. Yanchuk (Minsk, Belarus).

All articles published in the journal are subjected to scientific peer review, expert and competitive selection.

Reprinting of materials from the journal is allowed only in consultation with the editorial board.

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