Methodology and History of Psychology

Scientific theoretic-methodological and historical-psychological journal
"Methodology and History of Psychology"

Published since 2006 (reregistered in 2009).

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 1819-2653.
Certificate of registration of periodical FS77-35640 of 17.03.2009.
Subscription Index of "Rospechat" Agency Catalogue 36048.

Journal is publihed 4 times a year:

Issue 1 methodological, thematical
Issue 2 historical
Issue 3 methodological
Issue 4 "Directions and Schools in Psychology"

Editorial Board:

V.F. Petrenko (Head Editor, Moscow),
V.M. Allakhverdov (Deputy Head Editor, Saint-Petersburg),
I.E. Garber (Saratov),
I.N. Karitskiy (Deputy Head Editor, Moscow),
A.G. Liders (Moscow),
V.A. Mazilov (Yaroslavl),
S.P. Senuschenkov (Krasnodar),
E.E. Sokolova (Moscow),
A.V. Yurevich (Deputy Head Editor, Moscow).

Editorial Council:

C.I. Abramson (Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA), G.V. Akopov (Samara), V.A. Barabanschikov (Moscow), A.F. Bondarenko (Kiev, Ukraine), M.V. Bazikov (Moscow), N.I. Chuprikova (Moscow), A.V. Karpov (Yaroslavl), I.T. Kasavin (Moscow),  V.E. Klochko  (Tomsk), V.V. Kozlov (Yaroslavl), E.V. Levchenko (Perm), H. Lück (Hagen, Germany), I.A. Mironenko (Saint-Petersburg), V.G. Morogin (Abakan), M.M. Reshetnikov (Saint-Petersburg), S.D. Smirnov (Moscow), R. Smith (Lancaster, Great Britain), E. Subbotsky (Lancaster, Great Britain), M.I. Turetskiy (Ashdod, Israel), J. Valsiner (Worcester, MA, USA), V.A. Yanchuk (Minsk, Belarus), A.N. Zhdan (Moscow),  V.P. Zinchenko  (Moscow), Yu.P. Zinchenko (Moscow), V.V. Znakov (Moscow).

Supervisory Board:

G.V. Akopov (Samara), I.V. Antonenko (Moscow), N.S. Shadrin (Pavlodar, Kazakhstan).

All published articles in journal go through peer review procedures, expert and competitive selection.

Reprint of materials from journal is only permitted after consultation with editorial board.