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Belan, E.A. (2008). Psychology of activity in E. Fromm's doctrine of human

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2008. Volume 3. Issue 2
History of Western Psychology
Scientific article
Psychology of activity in E. Fromm's doctrine of human
Teaching of E. Fromm is built on an understanding of human nature as an immanent contradiction to his existence. The formation of man as a person occurs in a dynamic interaction with the outside world and is expressed in the exercise of freedom, and activity in the course of life. Freedom and activity, reflecting the contradictions of human nature, are dialectical character. In this article the author attempts a theoretical analysis of varieties of freedom and activity, presented in a number of works by E. Fromm.
  • psychology of activity
  • activity of personality
  • problem of freedom
  • existence
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Belan, E.A. (2008). Psychology of activity in E. Fromm's doctrine of human. Methodology and History of Psychology, 3(2), 121-128.

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