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Eremeev, V.E. (2006). Ancient Chinese doctrine about structure of mind

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2006. Volume 1. Issue 2
History of Ancient Psychology
Scientific article
Ancient Chinese doctrine about structure of mind
Eremeev, Vladimir Evstegneevich
The article deals with the doctrine of a structure of the mind, created in China during the Zhou age (1122-221 BC) and reflected in the ancient medical books "Huangdi Neijing" ("Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor") and "Nan Jing" ("The Classic of Difficult Issues"). The author discusses the principles of a scale of functional mental levels, based on a theory of the "five elements” (Wu Xing). The characteristics of each of the levels are described. It is shown that this doctrine arose in the course of a "tribute" ritual activity. The author demonstrates how the ideas of the structure of the mind are reflected in the teachings of Confucius and in the applications of "I Ching" ("The Book of Changes"). The "Sextuple way" of Confucius is considered. The examples of meditation "ascention" are given.
  • structure of mind
  • functional level
  • psychocosmos
  • predetermination
  • ascention
  • meditation
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Eremeev, V.E. (2006). Ancient Chinese doctrine about structure of mind. Methodology and History of Psychology, 1(2), 138-150.

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