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Oleshkevich, V.I. (2009). Origins and development of A. Adler's psychology

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2009. Volume 4. Issue 2
History of Western Psychology
Scientific article
Origins and development of A. Adler's psychology
Oleshkevich, Valery Ivanovich
The paper investigates the formation and development of psychology of A. Adler, examines the social origins of the psychological and cultural soil in which it grows, including "pre-Freudian period", when A. Adler has to search for the causes of human problems and diseases in the social existence of individuals considering a person as a social product of development, of the particular economical, industrial and everyday conditions of his life, which practitioner has no right to ignore. A. Adler notes that the penetration of the social sciences to medicine could revolutionize the radical increase in the level of care. Familiarity with S. Freud leads A. Adler's attention to the conditions of socialization of the child, which can determine both normal and abnormal in mental development, and issues of children's education. In the same period, A. Adler addresses the problem of inferiority of physiological organs and compensation of their functioning, especially with the participation of the nerve centers and psyche, and through it comes to the problem of neurosis. The paper emphasizes the role of the dialogue between S. Freud and A. Adler in the development of depth psychology, of their hidden as well as open debates, which were productive for both psychologists and the development of psychoanalysis.
  • social interest
  • social medicine
  • social situation
  • scientific dialogue
  • sociology of psychological knowledge
  • upbringing of child
  • inferiority of organs
  • masculine protest
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Oleshkevich, V.I. (2009). Origins and development of A. Adler's psychology. Methodology and History of Psychology, 4(2), 104-123.

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