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Suprun, A.P. (2009). Problem of consciousness in modern natural and human sciences in terms of psychosemantics

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2009. Volume 4. Issue 1
Variety of Approaches in Study of Consciousness
Scientific article
Problem of consciousness in modern natural and human sciences in terms of psychosemantics
Suprun, Anatoly Petrovich
The article overviews the formation of a category of consciousness in a relativistic and quantum physics. The experimental and theoretical bases of occurrence of the subject in a purely object theory are analyzed. The author discusses the logical-semiotic preconditions of inclusion of the subject in any consistent concept. The issues of ratio mental map of subject and the physical reality are examined; psychosemantic principles of modeling the mental map and its metric are considered. The inadequacy of the traditional approach to the description of the results of the mental representation of the perceptions of "external reality" (the subject of mental maps) into sign systems is shown. A mathematical description of the mental map based on psychosemantic principles is suggested. The possibility of using the conservation laws in psychology is examined. The methods of calculation of mental states and their superposition are proposed. The concepts of motivational vector and motivational space in connection with the representation of values and meanings in psychosemantic space is suggested.
  • consciousness
  • subject approach
  • mental map
  • mental representation
  • psychosemantic space
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Suprun, A.P. (2009). Problem of consciousness in modern natural and human sciences in terms of psychosemantics. Methodology and History of Psychology, 4(1), 180-201.

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