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Osorina, M.V. (2008). Scientific works and life course of Lev Markovich Vekker (to 90th anniversary)

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2008. Volume 3. Issue 4
St.-Petersburg (Leningrad) School of Psychology: Unity of Diversity
Scientific article
Scientific works and life course of Lev Markovich Vekker (to 90th anniversary)
Osorina, Maria Vladimirovna
October 4, 2008 is the 90th anniversary of Lev Markovich Vekker – one of the leading and most original representatives of the St.-Petersburg (Leningrad) school of psychology. He can also be considered as one of the most interesting and important theorists of Soviet psychology of the second half of the 20th century. The ideas formulated by L.M. Vekker in the 1950–1970s, have a powerful scientific potential and relevance to modern psychologists, researchers working in different fields. The article presents the major milestones of scientific and life course of L.M. Vekker, the main ideas of his scientific work are discussed.
  • Leningrad school of psychology
  • scientific works of L.M. Vekker
  • B.G. Ananiev
  • unified theory of psychical processes
  • psychical image
  • mechanism of projection of image
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Osorina, M.V. (2008). Scientific works and life course of Lev Markovich Vekker (to 90th anniversary). Methodology and History of Psychology, 3(4), 85-100.

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