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Mazilov, V.A. (2008). Scientific psychology: problem of explanation

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2008. Volume 3. Issue 1
Specifics of Psychological Explanation
Scientific article
Scientific psychology: problem of explanation
The article attempted analysis of the main approaches to the problem of scientific explanation in psychology. It is shown that the explanation is one of the most important functions and values in psychological science. The article accentuated the position, according to which there is a plurality of types of explanation in psychology, so it is unacceptable to reduce all explanation to any one type (e.g., cause-and-effect). It is alleged that the greatest obstacle to development problems explanations in psychology is currently the principle of psychophysiological parallelism, shared by most psychologists. In the article special discussion was subjected to a problem of reduction in psychology. Without denying the usefulness of the principle of a reduction in general, the author argues that reductionist explanations very often are pseudo-explanations. The approach develops the well-known position of E. Spranger "psychologica – psychological" – requirements to explain the mental by the mental.
  • scientific psychology
  • explanation
  • types of explanation
  • reduction
  • theory
  • pretheory
  • method
  • interpretative category
  • explanatory category
  • theoretical method
  • subject of psychology
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Mazilov, V.A. (2008). Scientific psychology: problem of explanation. Methodology and History of Psychology, 3(1), 58-73.

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