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Martsinkovskaya, T.D. (2007). Issues related to history of psychology in G.G. Shpet's works

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2007. Volume 2. Issue 2
Methodological Ideas in History of Psychology
Scientific article
Issues related to history of psychology in G.G. Shpet's works
Martsinkovskaya, Tatyana Davydovna
The article examines the approach of G.G. Shpet to the history of national and world philosophy and psychology, his views on the role of the history of science for its fruitful development. The author considers the unfinished work on the history of psychology and philosophy, which not only provides an overview of major concepts, but also reveals the existence of the social situation of science in Russia of the 18th–19th century, features of its problems and development.
  • history of psychology
  • history of philosophy
  • methodology
  • mentality
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Martsinkovskaya, T.D. (2007). Issues related to history of psychology in G.G. Shpet's works. Methodology and History of Psychology, 2(2), 21-31.

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