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Kuchinsky, G.M. (2007). M.M. Bakhtin and phenomenological method of research of personality

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2007. Volume 2. Issue 1
Qualitative Methods in Psychology
Scientific article
M.M. Bakhtin and phenomenological method of research of personality
Kuchinsky, Gennady Mikhailovich
The article shows that M.M. Bakhtin developed the methodological problems of the human sciences, including psychology, during his life. He is constantly drawn attention to the human sciences which can not be reduced to the natural, repeatedly stressed that the method used by him is phenomenological study (and when he saw the world of action, and when tapped specific personality traits as a knowable object). Comparing personality as speaking being and silent mute object, M.M. Bakhtin concluded that the knowledge of the person can not be carried out in the same manner as the study of things. According to M.M. Bakhtin, an adequate method of studying personality is a dialogue as a specifically human form of human communication with other individuals who have complex of some distinctive features. M.M. Bakhtin's studies made in phenomenological style allowed him to clarify a number of new and fundamentally important psychic phenomena: co-being, outsider and own speech, polyphony, dialogue, text.
  • methodology of humanities
  • phenomenological method
  • personality
  • dialogue
  • text
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Kuchinsky, G.M. (2007). M.M. Bakhtin and phenomenological method of research of personality. Methodology and History of Psychology, 2(1), 151-163.

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