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Akopov, G.V. (2009). 150 years of Henri Bergson

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2009. Volume 4. Issue 3
Date in History
Scientific article
150 years of Henri Bergson
Akopov, Garnik Vladimirovich
The article emphasizes the psychological content of the ideas of Henri Bergson, emphasizes their importance for modern psychology studies of consciousness. H. Bergson based on the concepts of multiplicity and uniqueness of states of consciousness, their manifestation in the form of knowledge or in the form of action. The states of consciousness are processes, not things. The causal connection between the phenomena of consciousness is not deterministic. The phenomena of consciousness can not be reduced to physical (physiological) phenomena. Human actions are automatic or free. They are free when a person acts out of himself, out of mind.
  • Henri Bergson
  • psychology
  • process
  • thing
  • duration
  • extension
  • consciousness
  • states of consciousness
  • multiplicity of states of consciousness
  • facts of consciousness
  • knowledge
  • action
  • psychological determinism
  • indeterminism
  • human freedom
  • free action
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Akopov, G.V. (2009). 150 years of Henri Bergson. Methodology and History of Psychology, 4(3), 131-135.

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