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Znakov, V.V. (2007). Self-consciousness, self-understanding and being understanding itself

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2007. Volume 2. Issue 3
Psychology of Consciousness
Scientific article
Self-consciousness, self-understanding and being understanding itself
Znakov, Viktor Vladimirovich
The article analyzes the problem of the relationship of self-consciousness to self-understanding. From the standpoint of the psychology of the human being a positive answer to the question is given: can we understand ourselves being regarded not only as a well-known philosophical metaphor (M. Heidegger), but also as a real phenomenon of self-consciousness, the subject of psychological research? The human being is regarded as not identical to life of the individual subject. This concept corresponds to Rubinstein's concept of "world" as the totality of things and phenomena correlated with interacting people as an organized hierarchy of different ways of being. The human being is the single (in particular, the individual psychological characteristics of communicating people), which potentially provides the general – the whole world, the whole humanity. This implies that the human being can understand itself. Understanding being itself is the dialectical unity of self-understanding of interacting entities and group understanding. Such understanding is generated in the intersubjective space at the junction of different values and meanings positions. It is based on a common platform of norms, values, meanings adopted by certain groups of people.
  • self-consciousness
  • self-understanding
  • human being
  • individual and group reflexion
  • self-analysis of collective subject
  • collective memory
  • existential experience
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Znakov, V.V. (2007). Self-consciousness, self-understanding and being understanding itself. Methodology and History of Psychology, 2(3), 65-74.

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