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Parygin, B.D. (2006). History of Russian social psychology

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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2006. Volume 1. Issue 2
History of Russian Psychology
Scientific article
History of Russian social psychology
Parygin, Boris Dmitrievich
The formation of social-psychological trends in Russia in the late nineteenth century – the early twentieth century occurred in the wake of developing revolutionary change and was associated not only with the interest of its pioneers to the political leadership, the nature of the Russian people and the fate of the country, the spirit of his time colored by rough dynamics of public sentiment and mass movements with the effects of suggestion and mental infection, but also, most importantly, with personal direct involvement of pioneers themselves in mentioned processes. However, the fate of the Russian (Soviet) social psychology in the 1920s was determined not so much by the successful start of the first experimental studies of individual behavior in a group and the exigencies and the content of discussion on its subject-matter, but its unreadiness to solve the tasks of social-psychological support of the construction of socialist society and the formation of a new man. Not having formed in a theoretical system with a strong methodological foundation yet, this science was unable to offer any verified response to the social order of its time.
  • national school
  • background of formation
  • features
  • stages
  • representatives
  • attitudes
  • 1920s
  • specifics
  • discussion on subject
  • N.K. Mikhaylovsky
  • G.V. Plekhanov
  • V.M. Bekhterev
  • N.A. Berdyaev
  • V.N. Myasishchev
  • M.V. Lange
  • G.I. Chelpanov
  • V.A. Artemov
  • M.A. Reisner
  • P.P. Blonsky
  • K.N. Kornilov
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