Methodology and History of Psychology
Allakhverdov, V.M. (2006). Evergreen subject-matter of psychology against background of dry theory
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Methodology and History of Psychology. 2006. Volume 1. Issue 1
Subject-matter of Psychology in Terms of Universal Theory of Psychology
Scientific article
Evergreen subject-matter of psychology against background of dry theory
Allakhverdov, Viktor Mikhailovich
The subject-matter of science is determined by an accepted paradigm theory in a given science. In psychology, there is no such theory, and, therefore, a dispute on the subject-matter of psychology is not fully constructive. The theory is created for idealized objects that define the ontology of theory. In the classical psychological concepts such objects are not introduced, and therefore they can not be qualified for a theoretical description. The author offers possible idealization, but stresses that it is necessary to discuss not the very idealization, but the theory built on it.
  • subject-matter of psychology
  • scientific theory
  • idealized objects
  • psychologic
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